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  • For additional information, please see Reserve Collection Policy or contact Elaine Jaeger at ext. 3963.
  • Materials that are copied for Reserve must be in accordance with the Copyright Act and the University's agreement with Access Copyright.
  • For a copy of this agreement, please see the Copyright Information website for more detail.
  • Information gathered is in accordance with the James A. Gibson Library's Privacy and Protection of Information Policy.
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  • Material must be provided to the Circulation Services Desk for processing.
  • Course packs available in the Campus Store will not be placed on reserve.
  • Photocopies should be stapled, or placed in binders when they are too large to fit in Reserve envelopes.
  • Damaged material will be removed from circulation until repaired by owner.
  • The Library is not responsible for the damage and/or loss of personal material placed on Reserve.
  • Select 'Link only' if you'd don't want paper copies of the article on reserve, only an electronic link will be added to the course listing.

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